Top Reasons to Hire an Attorney for a Misdemeanor

You’ve just been arrested by police in charge of a misdemeanor offense. This can be extremely embarrassing for you if you experience this for the first ever time.

If convicted, you would get a permanent mark on your criminal record which further results in losing your job, giving a large amount of fine, etc. 

Hire an Attorney for a Misdemeanor

Hire an Attorney for a Misdemeanor

Most misdemeanors are relatively harmless offenses and few people consider hiring a defense attorney to defend them in such a case.

However in some cases most people choose not to hire an attorney for their misdemeanor cases which can have serious consequences at the end. But it is important to hire an attorney for a misdemeanor to get rid of such situations. 

Going to court without a lawyer can be risky, but you have to recognize that misdemeanor charges can have serious consequences. There are many civil state penalties that include loss of future benefits, voting rights, along with gun rights.

In this article we have provide full details on top reasons to hire an attorney for a misdemeanor, misdemeanor attorney near me, and how much does a misdemeanor defense attorney charge. So, check out the full article to know more about why to hire a misdemeanor attorney.

What is Misdemeanor?

A criminal violation known as a misdemeanor is one that is not as serious as a felony. Misdemeanor consists of cases that are less severe in nature. Although they fall under illegal actions but call for a less harsh punishment than the cases that fall under felony. 

What is Misdemeanor?

However, each state may define misdemeanors slightly differently. In general, minor offenses are any offences with a possible prison sentence of one year or less. The offense is categorized as a misdemeanor under the statute that defines that specific sort of wrongdoing.

The various actions that fall under Misdemeanor 

  • Over speeding
  • Driving without license or with an expired one
  • Destruction
  • Burglary
  • Drinking and driving
  • Drinking publicly etc.

The punishments in this case are not very severe as they mainly aim at providing a lesson. A person may be fined, jailed for a few days and abstain from doing certain activities.

What can be the maximum sentence for misdemeanor?

The punishment varies case to case. In these cases the social effects are more than anything else and they may carry on for either years or a lifetime. 

In some states, a crime is considered trivial if the maximum sentence is six months or less. Additionally, misdemeanors are separated into various groups or categories in many states. For illustration, states might classify misdemeanor charges into the following groups:

  • Class A misdemeanors that can result in up to a year in jail.
  • Class B offences that carry a maximum six-month jail sentence.
  • Class C misdemeanors are crimes that can result in up to 30 days in jail.

In contrast to misdemeanors, felony convictions typically include sentences that include jail for longer than a year.

Types of criminal charges

Under Missouri law, criminal charges are separated into three categories: Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Infractions.

Types of criminal charges

Types of criminal charges

Misdemeanor is less serious than a felony crime, even though it appears in the middle category, dealing with misdemeanors should be taken seriously as they can end up in large monetary fines and possible jail sentence. An individual will be sentenced to less than a year in jail under this crime.

Some common Misdemeanor includes 

● Driving while intoxicated

● Domestic abuse

● Simple battery

● Simple assault

● Littering shoplifting

● Trespassing

● Public intoxication

To overcome such situations and keep oneself safe, the need for an Attorney Misdemeanor arises. 

How can misdemeanor affect a person?

Misdemeanor cases could be a lot affecting socially and emotionally. On face value things may seem not much devastating but in the long run they are. As these can result in jail sentences, a life long criminal record and being found guilty of a crime which one might not even have committed! 

A jail sentence will affect one’s independence whereas a criminal record is much worse as it goes where the individual goes, and that too for a lifetime.

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The individual may be denied admission to educational institutions or a place for rent due to the record he holds. The situation could be so stressful and painful that it is not possible to explain in words. 

All these circumstances give rise to a need for a specialised misdemeanor  attorney who can keep people guarded by providing help, guidance and ensuring justice for his clients.  

Who is a Misdemeanor Attorney?

Now, It is essential to learn more about misdemeanor attorneys, as well as when and why you might require one.

Who is a Misdemeanor Attorney

A specialised professional who deals with the cases of misdemeanor is called a Misdemeanor Attorney. He with his knowledge, skills and experience makes sure that his client gets justice and does not face any harassment by getting fixed in that particular situation.

Top Reasons for which you should Hire an Attorney for a Misdemeanor

Most of the people don’t have adequate knowledge of criminal law to handle this kind of situation. Following this when they are being arrested or charged for some criminal offence at the police station or they are questioned by the police they get so stressed that they mistakenly say something that could later put them in their case in a worse situation.

Hiring a misdemeanor defense attorney at an early stage of the case has many benefits, which includes:

● Safeguarding one’s rights during questioning, particularly in relation to written and spoken statements, as well as proposed settlements.

● Increasing the prospects of lower charges being filed. 

● Increasing the prospects of no charges being filed.

● Negotiating or working with the prosecutors for a possible settlement of the case.

● Interviewing relevant third parties. 

● Ensuring that no evidence, which the prosecution could potentially utilize was acquired through unlawful means.

● Making certain that no evidence, which the prosecution might potentially employ was obtained through illegal methods. 

● Hiring possible defense third-parties, such as experts, to testify on the defense’s behalf. 

An experienced criminal defense attorney can guide you on how to keep your criminal record clean. Having no criminal record at all will further result in dismissal of your charge.

Top Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Misdemeanor

Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Misdemeanor

Protecting Professional Front

As discussed earlier, such cases are devastating in the long run. When an individual tries for a job there is a background check and the past misdemeanor record will turn everything against the individual’s favour. 

As no company will like to hire somebody with a past criminal record. Hiring a misdemeanor attorney can help one waive the condition making things work positively for the individual.  

Misdemeanors stay on your record

Misdemeanors are considered as less serious criminal acts, while they still constitute a criminal record. Getting convicted of a criminal offence can end in a permanent mark on your criminal record, which will definitely impact negatively on your personal life and professional life. 

You may have trouble getting a job, applying to college/university/school, finding a house or living a simple normal life carrying a criminal conviction with you.

You do have a criminal record

Those who already have a criminal record will face more severe punishments and/or jail time, even for a small crime or misdemeanor. In that situation the best possible way to decrease your jail sentence is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Protecting Economic Interests

Many times these cases end up in fines imposed on the individual without considering if he is economically stable to pay it or not.

Here the attorney will bring forth the various aspects  as to how much his client can afford and what exactly he earns.  

A conviction can lead you to a long term jail sentence

If you are convicted of a first-degree misdemeanor then you will be sentenced for a maximum of five years in county jail or prison jail. A second-degree misdemeanor can lead you to be sentenced for two years in prison, while a third-degree misdemeanor punishes by a maximum of one-year jail sentence. 

Though the jail sentence duration varies from place to place, this can be extremely overwhelming for an individual who is facing this criminal offense for the first time.

Social Awkwardness

If you are facing social awkwardness due to the case against oneself, the person should hire an attorney to get rid of the situation. 

As till the time everything is not sorted out one will be time and again harassed socially for what all happened. 

Getting Deported

People go to different countries for different reasons i.e study, earning and marriage etc. It takes a huge endeavour to go abroad. 

The process is quite demanding from paperwork to arranging funds but the things could turn devastating if one gets involved in a misdemeanor. 

The government may deport the individual forcefully and the situation is beyond imagination in that case. 

But if an misdemeanor attorney is hired on this point he will help the client sail conveniently across the testing situation by safeguarding his clients interests. 

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Denied Education

If an individual is denied access to education based on the misdemeanor case involvement he will surely require an attorney to put forth his case and help him get the right to education provided by the constitution. 

The misdemeanor attorney will make sure that his client, guilty or innocent, should not be denied basic human rights. 

He will ensure that his clients education should not be compromised or hampered citing the case he has been involved into.  

Presenting the Client in Court

A common individual does not have a thorough knowledge of the laws as an attorney has. 

If you are unable to attend your scheduled court hearing date due to working irregular hours or living in another state or for other responsibilities then you should hire a defense attorney. Your defense attorney can appear for you for certain occasions and under certain circumstances.

Your misdemeanor attorney will help one get out of the situation and also erase the stigma from the individual’s life.  

If not Guilty

Many times innocent individuals are also caught in adverse situations, and it is not possible for them to easily prove their innocence. Don’t be afraid just because you have been arrested, arrested by the police does not mean that you have committed the crime.

You have to keep in mind and remember this all time that you will have to defend your position legally in court. 

If you opt for a plea of not guilty then it will be easy for your attorney to dive into the case, investigate the case, gather evidence, engage in discussions with the prosecution, and work towards helping you avoid a heavy serious criminal penalty.

In that case a misdemeanor attorney with his skills, knowledge and experience collects evidence on his own and tries his level best to prove his client innocent. 

Misdemeanors can swiftly escalate into much more severe charges

Misdemeanors are small offenses and crimes but sometimes these minor offenses can escalate suddenly into much more severe charges.

Hire an Attorney for a Misdemeanor

For example, a small drunken bar fight can suddenly escalate into a charge of manslaughter if the victim of the case suddenly and mysteriously dies. 

For this reason, it is always advised to have an experienced seasoned criminal defense attorney at your side. No matter how small and simple the crime you have been accused of, you just need to have a strong advocate at your side.

How much does a misdemeanor defense attorney cost?

So, have a look at the misdemeanor attorney fees completely. Take his assistance and let him handle your misdemeanor case. 

Second-Degree Misdemeanors

A Second-degree misdemeanor includes simple charges and various first offenses.

An average lawyer will charge anywhere between $1,500 to $3,500.

Below average attorneys or those who are the cheaper and inexperienced ones will charge around $750. While more experienced and professional attorneys will charge about $4-5,000 dollars.

Some examples of second-degree misdemeanors-

● Disorderly conduct

● Petit theft

● Trespassing

First-Degree Misdemeanors

A first-degree misdemeanor is more serious and more punishable by up to one year in jail and a $1,000 dollar fine.

Generally mediocre lawyers charge between $2000 and $3,500 for a first-degree misdemeanor.

The inexperienced attorneys will charge around or under $1,000, while the more experienced and trained professional attorneys charge around $5,000 or more.

Some examples of first-degree misdemeanors-

● Domestic violence

● Resisting around without violence

● Possession of Marijuana (20 grams or less)


So if you have stayed with us till this very end, then there’s no doubt you have gained a very pretty knowledge of why to hire an attorney for a misdemeanor.

As discussed above Top Reasons to Hire an Attorney for a Misdemeanor brings in the various reasons that require the help of the misdemeanor attorney. One can hire this specialised professional and ensure justice for oneself.

So don’t try to tackle each and every thing all by yourself, hire a defense attorney who will save you with his/her experience from all the criminal allegations, jail sentence, and a big amount of fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

The severity of the case is the main difference between Misdemeanor and Felony. The less severe cases fall under misdemeanors.

Class A misdemeanor results in more than 6 months of judicial custody. Thefts, drug possession etc. are included in A class misdemeanor cases.  

The lowest level misdemeanor is Class C . A punishment of 0 to 30 days in jail is administered in these cases.

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